Private Cloud (On-Premise) Implementations

Elevate Your Business with a Private Cloud Solution

Experience the advancement of your business with a private cloud, offering a streamlined and scalable IT environment customized to your needs. Enjoy exclusivity on dedicated servers optimized to match your business’s unique demands perfectly. 

Your ideal solution is here if you’re searching for a contemporary IT infrastructure setting. 

Private Cloud: Empowering the Chosen Few with Autonomy

Our cloud services grant you complete autonomy, presenting an arena with exclusively designated virtualization infrastructure, servers, software, and licenses centralized in a single location – within your company premises or a dedicated data center.  

Your data remains firmly under your jurisdiction. Embrace the private cloud for absolute process oversight, confidentiality, and optimized utilization of resources exclusive to your organization. This solution is tailored particularly for substantial enterprises and institutions in sectors demanding heightened legal standards for data protection. 

Benefits of Opting for a Private Cloud Solution

Enhanced Security Forge

Resources within a secure environment tailored to your specifications.

Unparalleled Control Command

The virtual server of the cloud, wielding authority over computational prowess and memory.

Economical Edge

Leverage private cloud services to optimize internal resources, lowering IT process expenditures.

Unrestricted Access

Enjoy uninterrupted access to data for both you and your clientele, free from downtime.

Tailored Scalability

Effortlessly tailor the computing power or number of servers to match your current requirements precisely.

GDPR Compliance

Rest assured, our private cloud adheres to the Personal Data Processing Act, ensuring GDPR compliance.

Need tailored, secure, and high-performing private cloud with our On-Premise Implementation services? Contact us today to explore how our solutions can upgrade your organization’s IT infrastructure. 

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Cloud Migration (AWS, Azure, GCP)

Our Cloud Migration services are designed to elevate your organization's digital transformation by seamlessly transitioning your infrastructure and applications to cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Cloud Service Microsoft 365

At KMA, we offer meticulously crafted solutions to revolutionize your organization's operations, foster collaboration, and drive innovation by seamlessly integrating Microsoft's comprehensive suite of tools and applications into your daily workflow.

Cyber Security Management

Our Cybersecurity is the information and cyber security arm of KMA’s Communications, a foremost ICT integration leader. Our portfolio encompasses an extensive array of information and cyber security solutions, catering to diverse sectors and organizations of varying scales.

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